Press Release - May 27, 2014
Award winning filmmaker Harry Sutherland is returning to his roots in the seventies to bring to the screen his passion project, Out of History – the story of same sex love from ancient times to the present. Out of History, an ambitious project that will use film and cyber space to bring to life over 2,800 years of LGBT history, will launch today on a new, not-for-profit crowd sourcing platform, Over the next few years Sutherland will produce a series of documentary films covering the long and fabulous history of the community and then re-edit the material for use in the on-line project. The focus of the fundraising will be to build the online structure and complete the development of the first film in the series, Out of History: The Politics of Sex. This film is an action-packed adventure through the 100 years from 1869 and the invention of the word ‘homosexuality’ through to the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969. We will experience the dramatic rise of gay and lesbian culture through the Roaring Twenties and early thirties, the tragic fall into the Gulag and concentration camps during WWII and finally witness the resurrection, one steamy weekend in New York at the Stonewall Tavern, bringing to life what is now the LGBT community. Out of History will be one of their first projects on, the world’s first not-for-profit crowdfunding platform. forgoes all charges for its services in favor of offering project creators a sliding contribution scale with no minimum fee. will earn revenue through the giving of dana – the ancient Buddhist Pali concept for ‘the practice of generosity.’ Director, Alan Clements, author and former Buddhist monk in Burma explains, “It’s really built on the pay-it-forward model. We want to lower the threshold completely as much as possible for people, artists, authors, activists worldwide, to believe in their dream.” is now actively inviting the world’s visionary entrepreneurs, cultural architects, wild mystics, digital freedom fighters, dissident artists and peaceful revolutionaries of our interconnected world, to come and create their dream visions in a supportive and forward thinking environment. Harry Sutherland has a long history of working with the community. His first film Truxx followed the impact of the ‘76 Olympics on the gay and lesbian community in Montreal. Truxx premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1978 as a short in front of Wolfgang Petersen’s Die Konsequenz. Sutherland’s first feature doc was shot during the infamous bathhouse raids by the Toronto Police Department in1981. Track Two was released at the Berlin International Film Festival and played in theatres across Canada. He also produced We’re Funny That Way for HBO and CityTV in Toronto in 1995, documenting the contribution that stand-up comics make to the LGBT community. He moved to Vancouver in 1998 and produced numerous documentaries including 100% Woman, Lynton Garner, WebCam Girls and the Blue Buddha. With Carrie Green he produced Velcrow Ripper’s ScaredSacred that won a Jury Prize at TIFF and the Genie Award for best feature documentary in 2005. He also produced Richard Bell’s first feature drama Eighteen in 2005 that included cameos by Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming as well as co-producing Huseyin Karabey’s Gitmek: My Marlon & Brando, winner of the Best New Director Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2008. Harry Sutherland has been a board member of the HotDocs International Film Festival, chair of DOC BC, and a board member of the Whistler Film Festival. He has also served as Director of the National Film Theatre at the Canadian Film Institute in Ottawa. Choosing as the launch platform for Out of History was a no-brainer for Sutherland. They provided an opportunity for him to connect with his community in a friendly environment that will eventually also allow him to give back to others. By supporting the launch of Out of History you will be able to make a significant contribution to the on-going struggle for human rights and help finally tell the greatest story that has never been told.


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