The Project

Harry Sutherland is an award winning filmmaker who is returning to his roots in the seventies to bring to the screen his passion project - the history of same sex love from ancient times to the present.

Let's get history out of the closet!

"A film about gay people and their activities in the hundred years before the Stonewall riots should be fascinating. I hope Harry Sutherland's film goes ahead. There would be nothing like it."
Sir Ian McKellen

“… the time is right to uncover the events and people that have contributed to our present-day LGBT community and to ensure we don’t lose what we have fought so hard to achieve.”
XTRA! Vancouver, August 28, 2014

Out of History is a documentary that will chart the explosive impact on the world of the invention of the word ‘homosexuality’ in 1869 by Karl Maria Kertbeny.

This seemingly insignificant fluttering of the butterfly’s wings would send shockwaves through the political and social fabric of Western culture. Millions would be affected and tragically unknown thousands would perish in the Gulag, the concentration camps and by their own hand under threat of blackmail.

Eventually, 100 years later, the power of his word would erupt in rage in a seedy bar in Greenwich Village. The Stonewall Rebellion would usher in a new lexicon and start the process of creating a new political force, our modern LGBTQ community. This time, lets not take our progress or our history for granted.

My Commitment
As an award-winning filmmaker, I have a long history of working with the community. My first film Truxx followed the impact of the ‘76 Olympics on the gay and lesbian community in Montreal and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1978 as a short in front of Wolfgang Petersen’s Die Konsequenz. My first feature doc was shot during the infamous bathhouse raids by the Toronto Police Department in1981. Track Two was released at the Berlin International Film Festival and played in theatres across Canada. I also produced We’re Funny That Way for HBO and CityTV in Toronto in 1995, documenting the contribution that stand-up comics make to the LGBT community. My first feature drama film, Eighteen, had cameos with gay icons Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming.

My actual research on Out of History began during a fateful trip to Amsterdam in 1979 where I first encountered, among other things, stories about our history from 1730 that shocked and intrigued me. Over the years I explored further and was amazed at the depth and variety of our past and the untold contributions that we have made to the world over all this time. Out of History is truly the greatest story that has never been told!

Your Support
Your contribution will be crucial in getting Out of History off the ground. As a successful producer in documentaries over many years I understand how crucial it will be for me to demonstrate that the LGBT community and our friends are behind the project. This support will allow me to finish the development of this film that I have been researching for many years on my own. Any additional funds raised will go directly into the production that will start in the spring of 2015. I hope to have the film completed one year from now.

The Legacy
Out of History
is an ambitious project that will bring to life over 2,800 years of our history. Using documentary film and a digital online portal or ‘time tunnel’. Over the next few years we will be producing a series of documentary films (The Politics of Sex is the first) on our history and then re-editing the films to be inserted into the Time Tunnel to create an online experience. This experience will allow us to travel through our history by centauries or by themes.

While the production of the film will provide the unique material for Out of History, the true legacy of the project will be the self-perpetuating digital presence of the historical Time Tunnel. Focusing on entertainment, politics, travel and health, Out of History will provide an ever-changing canvas for creating identity within the community. The project will become a focal point for young people struggling to find their place in the world as well as travellers looking for an added dimension on their next adventure. The Time Tunnel will also allow individuals to add their personal histories as well as their reviews of books, movies, music and TV shows.


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